2014…The Year of The Personal Project


Yesterday I was at an old friend’s inaugural photo exhibition. The usual suspects (read OneTouch crew) were in attendance.

While chatting with#aFewGoodMen, I felt really challenged by two of them about my social media habits. Especially my blogging.

This year I made up my mind, would be the year of the Personal Project for me. I’ll shoot a lot more for myself and if while I’m at it, a client comes along, I will happily accommodate them.

Higher SNR

In electrical engineering there is what’s called SNR – Signal to Noise Ratio. What that means in simple terms, is that when you transmit some information electrically, it has a bit of “dirt.” Sort of like those days when I would shoot film and carefully develop it, only to find little specs of dust on some of the negatives. I would painstakingly clean them before making a print.

So too in this age of information glut. I decided I will not just post volume but substance. I have no intention of blogging for its own sake. I want to blog usefully. Minimal noise, maximum signal.

The photo I have posted here is a screenshot from the post-processing of a portfolio shoot I did earlier this year. It serves two purposes here:

It is a BTS (Behind The Scenes) shot, yielding a glimpse into what goes on after you press the shutter.

More importantly, it is a symbol of reducing “noise” (culling less than perfect images) and increasing “signal.”

This year I’ll blog more, but I’ll try to make sure I am transmitting signal. Not noise.

(Full blog post with images from this shoot…coming soon)



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