Brasil, ao vivo!

As the year ends, I’m in reminiscent mood. This is an ode, then, to one of my favourite places in the world. Brazil!


Over the years, I have been really blessed to have travelled to just about every continent, for various projects.


One place I have really come to love is Brazil. It is such a vast land, with such vast differences in culture, tradition and landscape…




What really draws me is that wherever you go, you feel like you belong. The people are so friendly. They may not speak much English, but the language of friendship is universal. You can feel their warmth and tangibly sense their desire to want to help, language barriers notwithstanding!


It’s a land of colour, literally and figuratively. I think the term melting pot really comes to life here. It’s a country amalgamated from people of every culture and background you can think of. You will find people with unmistakably Japanese features who don’t speak a word of Japanese. They only speak Portuguese. You will find ‘native’…

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