Just before my trip to the wintry Midwest US earlier this month, I won myself a Samsung Galaxy camera at Safaricom’s exclusive 2014 calendar launch. The theme was Capture Kenya and the idea was brilliant and groundbreaking. 4 photographers, 7 days, covering the diversity of Kenya. I knew 3 of those 4, and I knew their work is superb. I also knew my flight was not until the wee hours of the morning, so I was elated to have been able to attend.

The launch even itself was superbly thought out. Since the calendar could only showcase a dozen images, the exhibition showcased all the rest. Suffice it to say that the folks responsible for selecting the photos had a very tough job!

If I were you, I would beg borrow or steal that calendar 😉

I digressed. The title of this post (replete with the “hip” and hype of a hashtag), is a lead-in to my latest project. I have been wanting a compact camera for some time now. Lugging around my dSLRs especially for travel, can be cumbersome. Don’t get me wrong, I love them to bits. Their versatility and control is unparalleled. They really are great enablers for my vision-capturing exploits as a photographer. It’s just that sometimes I want to carry a bit less than my now-standard 10kg (22 lbs) that I have become accustomed to hefting all over the globe, be it for a 3-day photo shoot or a 45-minute concert.

I have been eyeing a Canon G series for years but every time, it gets overtaken by other priorities. So this was my chance to really put a modern compact camera through its paces.

You can read the full technical specs of this camera here at this LINK.

Since this is a photography blog, I won’t get into those here. What I will do is share some images I have taken so far…










Verdict? Well, let’s just say I have been more than impressed so far. 21x optical zoom, a macro mode, a very easy interface (read Samsung Android smartphone UI), all add up to a great feature-set. I have recorded a few videos on it too and I honestly have not yet found a major gripe.

Rest assured, I will be expanding this portfolio in the coming days and weeks.


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