The Africa We Want

Today I’ve decided to take a slight detour.

Today I was caught up in early morning traffic. Unusually heavy for an early Saturday. So I got a good chance to see the burgeoning habitations. And blocked drainage. And dilapidated roads. The past few days of heavy rain in the Capital made certain that the road and civil engineers’ shortcuts were laid bare.

We so often blame the so-called West for our woes. There’s a word for that – Excuses. I am firmly convinced that we are our own worst enemy. We have every natural resource imaginable, but we beg and borrow and cripple ourselves in debt. Enriching the same ‘West’ with alarming regularity. Impoverishing our own economy. Our own people. Our ‘leaders’ spend their impoverished taxpayers hard-won pennies flying first class…to go and beg for more aid. In the Yes, yes, I know this is supposed to be primarily a photoblog. But since it’s mine, I can grant myself artistic licence… 🙂


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