Memory Lane

The other day I was thinking back and realised I’ve been at this for almost a decade now. Wow! How time flies 😉

Since I have ahem…resolved.. to be a more active blogger, I thought I’d share some of my favourite shots from yesteryear…

This one was from an Adidas ad campaign they ran 8 or 9 years ago in Manchester. Using large mirrors. Of course those days I shot on good ol’ Fuji Superia film 😉


I miss street photography! I yearn for the day I can just walk around the streets of Nairobi and take photos to my heart’s content.

This next one is from a fashion shoot with the wonderful Mizz Debbie. Dressed by AfroFanatic 🙂

I had a blast shooting this for sure 🙂

This next one is one of great personal importance to me. I really believe in honouring the great men and women of yestryear; be they sports personalities or great leaders. This is Mahmoud Abbas, one of Kenya’s footballing greats, and easily one of the best goalkeepers we have ever produced… I salute you, sir!

Safe hands

This next one I shot at one of my favourite places in the city, Blancos Sports Grill… tasty drinks, tasty venue 😉

Going green



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